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If you want to find out what the future holds, don’t forget to register for Burda’s summer conference DLD Summer on July 1, 2021. Following the theme “It’s Only the Beginning…” expert speakers will give us their insights into the trends shaping technology, society, business, politics and arts. DLD will be live streaming from the newly opened Munich Urban Colab, with a mix of on-premise and virtual sessions. Registration is free via https://dld.techcast.cloud/. All you need to participate is a browser!

"The response to DLD Summer has been overwhelming. I’m delighted that the DLD community is as eager as we are to meet in real life again after many months of social distancing. Our first physical conference after the Corona break will be a great community event, but also an experiment, because for the first time we will present a mix of on-site and virtual sessions".

Steffi Czerny, DLD Managing Director

Frontier Technologies

The digital revolution has only just begun. Quantum computing, health tech and blockchain are likely to bring the next wave of disruption to business and society. DLD Summer will take a look at these technologies from different angles but will also discuss why it’s ever more important to better explain the benefits of science and research to the general public.

Precision medicine promises a much more effective way to treat illnesses –personalized to each patient’s needs. On her first day on the job, Merck Group’s new Chief Science and Technology Officer Laura Matz will explore the many possibilities of digital health with Brainlab founder Stefan Vilsmeier, in a conversation moderated by Techonomy founder David Kirkpatrick.

Quantum computers derive their power from going beyond zeroes and ones. By tapping into the fundamentals of physics, tomorrow’s computers promise to speed up science and business in many ways. Leading IBM researcher Heike Riel and McKinsey Partner Niko Mohr will discuss the current state of this groundbreaking technology.

Exploring Europe’s Opportunities

The circular economy, e-mobility, IoT, renewable energy – all these developments create new markets and new opportunities for Europe to innovate and make up for lost ground, as a number of DLD Summer sessions will illustrate. Innovation ecosystems are key to building successful businesses. But what does it take to bring scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors together in productive new ways? Helmut Schönenberger, the driving force behind Munich’s successful UnternehmerTUM accelerator, will share insights with FlixMobility founder Jochen Engert.

With its New European Bauhaus initiative, the EU Commission aims to supercharge the continent’s economy through collaboration and innovation across borders, business sectors and cultural boundaries. DLD has been supporting this effort from day one, and to kick off DLD Summer, we’re going to announce an exciting project about bringing Europe together in new ways.

Europe’s hidden champions

Europe’s hidden champions are essential to making tomorrow’s technologies a reality. Some companies are young, like Munich’s Isar Aerospace, others have been an integral part of the global economy for decades, like Würth Elektronik and Schlenk. Hear more from Daniel Metzler, Alexander Gerfer and Joachim von Schlenk-Barnsdorf about how their companies are helping to power the future.

After working at Apple and Amazon for more than 20 years, Diego Piacentini returned to his native Italy in 2016 to become the country’s Commissioner for Digital Transformation. In conversation with Burda CEO Paul-Bernhard Kallen, he will share insights about what he learned and how governments all around the world can successfully manage a digital transformation.

Innovation in Motion

It’s not just electric cars that are dramatically changing the car business. The whole mobility sector is being reinvented – with vehicles becoming computers on wheels, and next-generation technologies enabling entirely new design concepts.

BMW’s MINI unit has big plans for urban mobility. DLD Summer will see the premiere of a novel concept car which aims to make the most of the available space in tight places.

Your car may have six gears, but how about 5G? In many ways, the new telecommunications standard is key to future mobility, as car industry expert Hildegard Müller and Telefónica Germany CEO Markus Haas will discuss in conversation with moderator Fabian Billing.

For more information, visit the DLD website.

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DLD Summer will be taking place on July 1st 2021 as hybrid event at the Munich Urban Colab (c) DLD

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