Entrepreneurial courage in times of change

Finally! A single word that captures a world of emotions. 580 employees from 14 countries were able to meet up in person, share ideas, be inspired – and celebrate BurdaDLD with their favourite colleagues to their heart’s content.

After five long years, the BurdaDLD – the internal platform where the company exchanges ideas on important trends, experiences and innovations – was back in Munich. Burda employees from Germany and abroad spent its two days with selected specialists, discussing the imminent challenges and opportunities facing the organisation. This year focused on rethinking Burda as a platform together and laying new foundations for the network needed to build it.

The atmosphere was vibrant with the long-forgotten excitement of face-to-face encounters, and charged by the spirit of creativity and cohesion that epitomises Burda as a family business. For this reason, CEO Martin Weiss' opening address also raised the following question: How can we best promote diversity, entrepreneurship and responsibility – our Value Proposition – going forward? And how can Burda evolve as a platform?

Having welcomed the participants, DLD founder Steffi Czerny exhorted them to establish contacts across hierarchies and not to be disheartened by the current global challenges. Alongside the exchange of innovative ideas between internal and external experts, the emphasis also lay on the introduction of the "More Burda" strategy program, with whose three dimensions –"People", "Platform" and "Portfolio" – the company is seeking to position itself even more solidly for the future.

Our employees’ conclusion? The BurdaDLD was a stimulating blend of topics and formats. And a rendezvous with inspiring dates, including blind dates. Seating was not assigned during the day sessions, and participants drew lots for seats when arriving for dinner on the first day of the conference. In this way countless new contacts and constellations were created. And they will continue to flourish beyond this evening – networking at its best!

You can find more impressions of the two conference days in the highlight video and the picture gallery.


Let's go! After more than four years, the BurdaDLD is once again taking place in the Alte Kongresshalle in Munich © Flo Hagena

Martin Weiss, Holger Eckstein and Katharina Herrmann at the official opening of BurdaDLD 2022 © MaxLouis Köbele

Steffi Czerny, DLD founder, opened the BurdaDLD and welcomed all guests to the Old Congress Hall in Munich © MaxLouis Köbele

Katharina Herrmann also used the first day of the conference to exchange ideas with the participants © Flo Hagena

A good start into the day: Similar to the first day of the conference, the coffee bar was again very popular © Flo Hagena

Paul-Bernhard Kallen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, also took part in the BurdaDLD and had a lively chat with the participants © Flo Hagena

Jochen Engert, founder of Flixbus, talked as an external guest at the conference about the development of the company into a global platform © Flo Hagena

Petra von Strombeck, Gerald Beranek, Elisabeth Varn, Ingo Raab and Heiko Engelhardt (from left to right) © Flo Hagena

Full house: The large ballroom was completely filled for the opening of BurdaDLD © MaxLouis Köbele

Martin Weiss and Tom Bureau listened to the lectures via headphones © MaxLouis Köbele

Sean Cornwell, Manuela Kampp-Wirtz, Kay Labinsky and Oliver Eckert spoke about the great potential of video content for the Burda Group © MaxLouis Köbele

Stefan Götz and Martin Weiss discussed platform building from an investment perspective © MaxLouis Köbele

Board member Holger Eckstein thanked the guests for a successful first day of BurdaDLD © MaxLouis Köbele

Candlelight dinner: The participants rounded off the first day of the conference at Kunstblock Balve © MaxLouis Köbele

Party atmosphere: Thanks to a spontaneous acapella music interlude, people danced until late into the night © MaxLouis Köbele

At the "Meet the Board" discussion round on the big stage, Martin Weiss talked about his wish that things are tackled collectively at Burda © Flo Hagena

Holger Eckstein's comments focused on the current energy supply situation and what it means for Burda © Flo Hagena

Katharina Herrmann spoke about the employee experience at Burda © MaxLouis Köbele

Ina Remmers and Till Behnke from Nebenan.de reported on how they manage to unleash potential in society © MaxLouis Köbele

Nina Zimmermann, CEO of Kununu, spoke about the company's recipes for success © MaxLouis Köbele

Christian Teichmann, together with Board Member Holger Eckstein, presented the part of the "More Burda" strategy focusing on the portfolio © MaxLouis Köbele

Packed rows in the Alte Kongresshalle in Munich, Germany © Flo Hagena

Ridhi Radia, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Immediate Media © Flo Hagena

Alex White, Managing Director, Food & Parenting at Immediate Media Co © MaxLouis Köbele

Lisa Burda was among the participants on both days of the BurdaDLD © MaxLouis Köbele

Martin Weiss was enthusiastic about the energy that prevailed during the two days of the conference and thanked the participants and the organizing team © MaxLouis Köbele

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