Global industry coalition with Thunder


Burda has entered into a coalition to launch Thunder, the first open online editorial system and a cost-efficient, high-performance CMS (content management system) for creating, editing and organising website content that is free to use. Burda is convinced that successful media services are now developed by combining journalistic quality and technological expertise. To ensure the high quality of editorial systems in the long term, Burda has developed Thunder, an open system based on Drupal 8 – the latest technology. The aim of this pioneering work is to join with a global community of developers and sector/industry partners to develop and continuously optimise the best freely available CMS for media companies.

Global Thunder coalition

In doing so, Burda has launched a global coalition open to media companies, industrial partners and developers. The objective is to bundle media companies’ unifying forces by harnessing their cooperative spirit and existing potential for innovation.

“In the new reality of the media world, we will only be successful if we keep pace with rapid technological development. No publishing company on Earth can achieve this alone, which is why we must leave our historic silos, share our knowledge, transcend traditional boundaries and learn to work in a network. Thunder symbolises a new era of collaboration: Although we have invested a lot in its development, we do not monopolise this resource; instead, we are placing this system at the centre of our industry to ensure continuous, collective development. Our aim is to work with our partners to create the best technological basis for publishing the best journalistic content.”

Philipp Welte, Board Member National Media Brands

“A CMS is no longer a strategic distinguishing feature, particularly in consumer perception. Thunder helps media companies to free themselves from outdated and cost-intensive systems and to concentrate on developing their brands and content.”

Ingo Rübe, CTO Burda Magazine Holding and initiator of Thunder

Partners in the global Thunder coalition:






Burda brands already using Thunder:



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“DrupalCon” in New Orleans: The entire Drupal community comes together at DrupalCon in New Orleans. The theme of this year’s conference was “Drupal 8”

Philipp Welte, Board Member at Hubert Burda Media

Thunder logo

Thunder infographic

Ingo Rübe, CTO Burda Magazine Holding

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