Hot, hotter, DLD Tel Aviv!

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Israel is being regarded as a thriving country for founders and investors from all over the world – Tel Aviv in particular has a vibrant start-up scene which continues to drive innovation.

Innovative strength at the Mediterranean​

This innovativeness also attracts renowned companies from the technology sector such as Deutsche Telekom, Facebook and Samsung. Anyone who sets foot on the site of the closed-down train station in Tel Aviv-Yaffo, which is again the venue of the DLD Tel Aviv conference, immediately senses the spirit of innovation and the relaxed atmosphere the Israelis create.

Therefore it is no surprise that an only ten-year-old boy opens the conference playing a virtuoso percussion solo! “We are pleased to be able to welcome delegations from 75 countries and more than 150 speakers to our sixth DLD Tel Aviv innovation conference”, said Yossi Vardi, DLD chairman and Israeli investor, who opened the conference together with DLD directors Steffi Czerny and Dominik Wichmann.

Start-up community and digital elite​

The first conference day was characterized by exciting discussions about the latest technologies such as the future of robots, financing models and development opportunities for young entrepreneurs as well as the attributes a country needs to have to be attractive to start-ups. How highly coveted this digital elite is at the moment became clear when the French digital minister Axelle Lemaire vigorously promoted France as an attractive center for innovation and development, which also offers special visas to visionaries and young entrepreneurs.

Off-stage at DLD, various tech companies and start-ups use the networking areas and workshops for making contacts and pitching their own visions. After the end of the conference, these discussions continue over a drink in one of Tel Aviv’s many restaurants and bars. Besides the start-up community, the city at the Mediterranean is also known for its lively nightlife after all.

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More than 10,000 participants came to Israel for the DLD Innovation Festival in Tel Aviv

The DLD letters greet passengers at the airport in Tel Aviv

The German company 'Botspot' offered participants a 360-degree shot within seconds, thanks to a 3D full-body scanner

Microsoft invited young entrepreneurs for a beer, popcorn and discussion with experts in a kind of circus tent

Steffi Czerny and Beate Merk with the Chairman of the Bank 'Leumi' David Brodet (l.t.r.)

Full House: The DLD Tel Aviv Conference has evolved into a true hot spot for international start-up scene over the years

David Eun, president of Global Innovation Center, was one of the top speakers of DLD Tel Aviv

Even the milk foam cappuccino in Tel Aviv has the corresponding DLD branding

The Bavarian Minister Beate Merk spoke with journalist Oren Nahari on Bavaria as a location for innovation

Direct and forthright: the children answers caused many laughs in the audience

The French Minister Digital Axelle Lemaire was promoting France as a location for innovation

A participant trying a vr headset

The DLD Tel Aviv innovation conference will, as in previous years, be right on the beach in a disused railway station

In a panel "Kids" children spoke about their desires to the apps of the future

Gerhard Thomas (3rd from right), managing director BurdaDirect, participated with a "TechRoundtable"

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