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Dogs are good for the working climate, keep us moving, promote communication and make us laugh. According to a Statista study, dog owners who are allowed to take their animals to work are less stressed and their colleagues more satisfied. And as long as the office community and the superiors have nothing against it, there is a lot to be said for taking friendly four-legged friends to work with you. At Burda, there are many woof-tastic coworkers. Some of these dogfluencers even have their own Instagram account and one of them acted as muse for Burda's first dog magazine. Here a few Burda dogs introduce themselves personally.

Who are you and where are you from?

Woof, my name is Barth and I'm six and a half years old. In my office I am also called Bärthchen, Barthchen or Rübe, at home also Schatz (honey) and Räuberle (robber), because I like to steal socks and slippers. But my dog mom is not mad at me because of that. She is so happy that she found me about two and a half years ago in the animal shelter Hagenau and saved me. I can even accompany my dog parents to work, which is great because I feel very comfortable there.

Where does your owner work and what's her name?

My dog mom's name is Miriam Sievert. She works in Offenburg as an editor for the dogazine Hund im Glück (i.e. Lucky Dog) among others. So I am her muse on four paws and have been featured in the magazine several times! Whenever I want, I can test blankets, pillows, leashes and collars. If I like them, other dogs will like them too! I also go to appointments. But if I get bored in the meeting, I breathe loudly, fall asleep or care for my paws.

How often do you come to the office and what does a typical day look like?

I work here part-time. I'm in the office every Wednesday at half past nine and sometimes on one additional day. Most times, I bring my soft toy dog with me. When I carry it to the office, everyone looks jealous and sometimes someone tries to take it away from me. But then we fight for it and I win every time! At noon my dog mom and I run to the river and lake. There I can have a drink, bathe and look at the goats. They live in a big kennel and smell so interesting. Sometimes we happen to meet Charlie or Filou, who also work with us. In the afternoon I sleep on my pillow under my desk. Sometimes I dream, pedal with my paws, woof or snore quietly. Around half past six we make our way to the car and I'm looking forward to my evening walk.

Where's your favorite spot at work?

Depends: In the morning I lie here or there. After lunch I prefer to sleep in the cave under my desk. There I have a big pillow. But the carpet, on which you can roll around well, is also very comfortable. I also like to use my soft toy dog as a pillow. Sometimes I lie down in the middle of the corridor. There I have the perfect overview and everyone who wants to pass me has to pet me!

What makes you howl, when do you start growling?

I am a confident male, stubborn, cheerful and curious, but also sensitive and cuddly. If I make my dark button eyes look very dearly and do my tricks well, hearts fly to me - and maybe a few treats. But I also like to test my limits. Typically Terrier, says my dog mummy. But the bottom line is that we are a good team and I stick to important things. But if something seems strange to me, I say "Woof!" loudly and try to get to the bottom of it courageously. But in general I'm pretty quiet in the office. That's what I have to do. Because if I don't disturb anyone, I can come back again and again and I am very grateful for that.

Who is your favourite person in the office and why?

In the morning I first storm into our secretary Mrs. Fox's office. She also has a dog, a fox terrier, and knows what dogs want! She is an excellent stroker and has delicious little things in her closet for me. I always get two of them in the morning and evening. I am her sunshine and sometimes she even threatens to kidnap me, she loves me so much! All other people are also very kind to me and pet me when I make my rounds. Or they share their office snacks with me. Sometimes I also get some carrots, apples and pears. In the editorial office, I know exactly who gives me what.

Are there any other office dogs besides you, if so, who?

I suspect there is another dog besides me. In one corner of the office it smells like another male, but I have never seen him before. But my dog mom forbids me to investigate the matter and says that I should not sniff in foreign territories. Very suspicious!

Truth be told - What mischief have you ever done in the office?

Once I barked at a man with a bicycle helmet, I was not comfortable with him. But then I was allowed to sniff the helmet and immediately recognized that it was harmless. Nevertheless, I prefer to keep an eye on him. Better safe than sorry.

What do you look forward to the most after work?

  • To the way to the car, because I meet a few acquaintances there, who check the same territory in the evening.
  • To my home, because there my dog daddy is waiting for me, whom I greet enthusiastically.
  • To our communal evening walk as a family.
  • To my supper after a long working day.
  • To my nap on the sofa, cuddled very closely to my humans and my stuffed dog.

You see, I have many reasons to be happy! I am a lucky dog – you can see that for yourself in our magazine.

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But first: Let me take a selfie!

Die neue "Hund im Glück"-Ausgabe 1/2019

Due to the blue bag it's a bit tight for Barth and his stuffed dog in the trunk. That's because his owner collects blankets for the shelter, because it's freezing cold in winter, as the kennels are not heated.

Faithful companion: Barth's grey stuffed bone

Barth checking out the dogazine's Christmas edition

Nothing better than a lunch nap

Question of fitness: Taking the stairs or the lift?

Breaktime means fresh air

Exploring the tracks during lunch break

Snuggling with the stuffed dog that Barth carries with him everywhere

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