Office dogs: Emily & Enno


Dogs are good for the working climate, keep us moving, promote communication and make us laugh. According to a Statista study, dog owners who are allowed to take their animals to work are less stressed and their colleagues more satisfied. And as long as the office community and the superiors have nothing against it, there is a lot to be said for taking friendly four-legged friends to work with you. At Burda, there are many woof-tastic coworkers. Some of these dogfluencers even have their own Instagram account and one of them acted as inspiration for Burda's first dog magazine. Here a few Burda dogs introduce themselves personally.

Who are you and where are you from?

We're Emily and Enno. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a short-haired dachshund. Together we are seven years old. About a year ago, we became an inseparable dream team! We got to know each other thanks to our owners at BurdaStyle. Wohoof - it was love at first sight.

Where do your owners work and what are their names?

Our owners Janina Mauersberger and Alexandra von Prittwitz work in Munich at BurdaStyle Luxury. While they and the whole team are busy writing offers, developing concepts and optimising campaigns, we enjoy our dog existence under the desk with a few naps. After all, the alarm clock rings early in the morning and the telephone in the office keeps ringing. When there is a lot going on, we help where we can. That can be as shrinks, as researchers or as social media experts. Check out our Instagram Channel @emilylovesenno. We are happy about every new follower!

How often do you come to the office and what does a typical day look like?

Dachshunds have very short legs and Cavaliers King Charles Spaniel are rather lazy. Therefore, every morning our girls kindly take us to Burda by car. Phew, luckily no walking! In the office we first have breakfast. Sometimes we are allowed to lick the rest of our owners' yoghurt cups. Around 12:30 o'clock we often meet with other four-legged Burda colleagues for networking in the park. Fresh air, sunshine, letting off steam. A top work-life balance! In the afternoon, we sometimes join meetings. We love that! It means for us: an extra bit of petting from our colleagues! I just don't understand why everyone laughs when my girl Emily snores. I think it's cute. And you know how it is: After such a long working day you are dog-tired.

Where's your favorite spot at work?

Obviously, it's anywhere where there's something delicious to eat.

What makes you howl? When do you start growling?

If we do, we'll howl with joy. Emily is a true fashionista. She immediately wowed me with her collar. Did she see it in Instyle, Elle or Harper's Bazaar? I'm more of a beauty guy. I love to test new things like shiny shampoo from the editorial staff and only growl when I have to give them back.

Who is your favourite person in the office and why?

We prefer to make brief trips to Meike's office. She always spoils us with great treats. We both always try to eat exactly what the other one has between their teeth at the time. While Emily is a connoisseur, I tend to finish my snacks quickly. And besides the snacks we also get the latest gossip from Bunte.

Are there any other office dogs besides you, if so, who? 

There are a few sweet dog males with us on the floor. We rarely see them. But that doesn't matter, we have each other.

Truth be told - What mischief have you ever done in the office?

At this point we would like to remain silent. After all, we are newly in love...

What do you look forward to the most after work?

Our common hobby is professional squirrel hunting. Never successful, but always at it with full vigour. So we are... ambitious, but talentless hunters.

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Constant vigilance! © HBM

Excursion to the beauty editorial office - testing shower caps © HBM

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E & E on their way to work © HBM

Doggie training © HBM

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Teamwork makes the dream work © HBM

When the boss is calling © HBM

"If we fits, we sits" - and they acutally do fit © HBM

Work life balance © HBM

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