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Dogs are good for the working climate, keep us moving, promote communication and make us laugh. According to a Statista study, dog owners who are allowed to take their animals to work are less stressed and their colleagues more satisfied. And as long as the office community and the superiors have nothing against it, there is a lot to be said for taking friendly four-legged friends to work with you. At Burda, there are many woof-tastic coworkers. Some of these dogfluencers even have their own Instagram account and one of them acted as inspiration for Burda's first dog magazine. Here a few Burda dogs introduce themselves personally.

Who are you and where are you from?

My owner has named me Maffy, which unfortunately often leads to misunderstandings because everyone thinks my name is Muffin. I was born 5 years ago on New Year's Day (with a fireworks display to greet me) near Heilbronn in Baden-Würtemberg, Germany, at a loving breeder's for giant and miniature schnauzers. I am an insatiable cuddly dog and always want to be petted or massaged.

Where does your owner work and what's her name?

My owner Melanie Schörnig has a snug job in the secretary's office of the food magazines of the Meine Familie & ich-Verlag in Munich. This includes: Meine Familie & ich, Lust auf Genuss, Das schmeckt!, Slowly Veggie!, Lisa Kochen & Backen, Foodboom, Einfach low carb, Sweet Dreams, Mein Buffet and Best of all: her office is very close to a large kitchen. I stop by there several times a day to steal the leftovers that have fallen to the floor. Sometimes I get a piece of Parmesan from the cook. I would like to stay there the whole day. In my owner's office the phone rings all the time and many people pass by. What do they all always want from her?!

How often do you come to the office and what does a typical day look like?

My office day starts around 8 am. We drive there by car - I sit on the passenger seat of course. I don't need a leash, I know my way around here. At the reception I make a stop and let Sabine Essex scratch my neck and give me the first treat of the day. Then up to the office, to check if everything is still in place. Then off to the kitchen, to search the floor for food. On the way back to the workplace I visit all people to pick up strokes and then I lie down under my mistress's desk for the next few hours. Of course I also work actively: For example, I once made a Christmas video from my dog perspective with a doggy cam on my back. It was a great success! When a conference is due, I am of course there and take the opportunity to be petted. I come real close to everyone and lift my paw if they dare to take a scratching break. At noon at 2 pm I drive home again, get food and go to the Feldacker to run around. There I "read" the "news of the day" from my friends. A short chat and a catching game are also always quite nice.

Where's your favorite spot at work?

Definitely in the kitchen with chef Jörg Götte and his team. These smells and the nice staff who always provide me with delicacies. From time to time I also like to lie down in the editor-in-chief's office. That attracts me magically for some unknown reason. Trudi (that's another office dog with us) also thinks so, by the way.

What makes you howl, when do you start growling?

Nothing breaks my cool easily... I have three young people at the age of 6 and 14 years in my pack, who make for a lot of hustle and bustle at home. So I always like to go to the office with my owner, there the people are calmer and scratch me more. What I don't like at all are the two orange wild cats of our neighbours who think they have to use our garden as playground and toilet alike. But I always spoil the fun by chasing them through the garden with loud grunting noises...

Who is your favourite person in the office and why?

I couldn’t possibly choose. They are all very kind to me and spoil me.

Are there any other office dogs besides you, if so, who? 

Yes, there is Teddy (Bolonka male), whom I found much too childish and hyperactive when he first came to us. But I told him what he is allowed to do here and what not. Meanwhile he has grown up too, so now you can really have a good time with him. We sometimes  play together in the corridor. And then there is Trudi (female boxer). So far we have only sniffed each other through the closed office door, because our owners are afraid that it could come to power struggles. But I think we could do quite well together. We have the same interests: Eating and cuddling.

Truth be told - What mischief have you ever done in the office?

Oh, that was very embarrassing... I once marked my territory in front of Teddy's office door and later claimed that it was Teddy...

What do you look forward to the most after work?

After work I’m looking forward to my big, comfortable Fatboy pillow. I throne on it and watch my pack chill at home.

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A true foodie always needs samples from the test kitchen © HBM

In his free time, boating on his beloved lake Schliersee is the best! © HBM

Depending on the season, Maffy walks through the editorial office in style - sometimes with a doggy cam © HBM

Cuddling with Elke Kuhlmann from photo ediing © HBM

In the summer, Maffy loves his deck chair © HBM

At the end of the day, he relaxes on his Fatboy pillow at home © HBM

Cuddly visit to Monika Ernstberger (assistant to the editor-in-chief) © HBM

If the fridge's open, Maffy's here! © HBM

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