Office dogs working from home: Danksa

During these Corona times, Burda dogs are also mostly working from home. They make sure their owners are not glued to the laptop all day long, but also take them out to enjoy some sun. How do they like the change of location, not seeing their animal co-workers but sleeping in instead? Today, Danish-Swedish farmdog Danska from corporate HR tells us all about it.

Who are you and where do you come from?

I am Danska, a Danish-Swedish farmdog girl and 1.5 years young. I am from Sweden and live near Munich, Germany, with owners and my buddy "Meow Meow". Usually I commute to Burda's offices at Arabellastraße 21 on a regular basis. I found a great part-time job as Feel Good Manager there, but currently I have to work from home.

Where does your owner work and what is her name?

My owner Janina Bierwirth works with me in organisational and personnel development. This is very convenient because we can drive to work together. She supports people in their personal development, designs team development processes and helps in case of conflicts. I believe that if she took me with her to mediations, people would resolve their conflicts much faster. She says I can "ground" people well - no idea what she means by that.

Since when are you two working from home and what does a typical day look like for you?

I have been in the home office for many weeks. As a Feel Good Manager I therefore have a little less to do and I miss my colleagues from the office. But we also go out regularly and when the weather is fine, we sometimes stop by my owner's favourite ice cream parlour. He only sells takeaway at the moment, but if I'm lucky and it gets really warm again, then hopefully I'll get some of my favourite flavor - vanilla.

However, when I get bored, I just annoy my buddy, the cat. Janine says he is the boss here in the house, but I see it differently...

Where is your favourite place at home?

My whole home is my favourite place, as I prefer to be where the family is. Or I look out the window and check if someone is passing by outside. If it's someone I know, I want out. But my owner is a real buzzkill and keeps typing in front of her screen.

What makes you howl or growl?

I can't help it, I'm just always in a good mood. Nevertheless, Janine talks about such funny things like "impulse control". She plays with my toys while I have to watch her. I find that really unnecessary. Besides, I have to be careful with howling and growling, otherwise my owners are getting upset.

Who is your favourite person at home and why?

Definitely the cat. A bit arrogant, but actually a cool guy. Besides, he is allowed to go for a walk alone - whenever he wants! Sometimes he even brings me presents.

Do you meet any other dogs from the office?

I can't meet all my buddies right now. It's so stupid. My training is also cancelled at the moment. But I could still work my way up from Feel Good Manager. I already have my companion dog certificate, for example. But unfortunately, digital learning is just not for me.

Paw on heart: what the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done at home?

I'm just saying, it wasn't me. However, the other day, someone threw up under my owner's chair when she was on a video call. Also, somebody's been eating the cat's food with everyone gone. And I have no idea how socks get in my basket at night...

What do you look forward to most?

Since I still get my food as continued pay, nothing is actually missing. I would like to meet people again, or better, dogs, but it is not so important. It is much more important that Janine stays healthy and that we can be together, no matter where.

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"If it is on the tag, it must be real" (c) Janina Bierwirth

Social distancing on walkies (c) Janina Bierwirth

Ice cream transfer under strict satefy measures (c) Janina Bierwirth

The cat acts like the boss sometimes but actually he is a cool dude (c) Janina Bierwirth

My owner Janina Bierwirth - I always have my eyes on her (c) Janina Bierwirth

To relax, I like to watch TV... or at least play with the remote (c) Janina Bierwirth

Break time in my bed from the collection of Burda's own doggie magazine "Hund im Glück" (i.e. Lucky Dog) (c) Janina Bierwirth

Online learning is tough for me, but I am basically a pro at video calling (c) Hubert Burda Media

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