Sara Santos, what does an agile coach do?


What are you working on right now? 

I’m an Agile Coach at kununu and I work closely with two development teams. I also support other departments with their projects, such as the CRM team and the CS team. And I drive topics that are related to company culture and wellbeing.

How long have you been with us and what did you do before? 

I've been with kununu for a little over 3 years now. I have been an Agile Coach for about 7 years and have also worked in project and client management.

In my distant past, I was a social worker and worked in several challenging social settings.

Although I decided to go back to university and get a degree in Computer Engineering, I decided not to become a developer (the more "normal" way) because I really care about people. I enjoy working with them and helping them overcome their challenges. As an Agile Coach, I have been able to combine my previous experience with a technical role, helping teams and people improve their performance and overcome challenges by fostering communication and collaboration within an organization.

What fascinates you about your job?

The opportunity to help the company grow by fostering collaboration and communication across all departments. And to help people think and focus on what really matters to move forward.

Do you already use AI in your work, and if so, how?

Who hasn't? I think we have all used ChatGPT at some point. I have used it to summarise topics, brainstorm ideas for a team presentation, and plan sessions.

Hand on heart: What really drives you up the wall at work?

Realising that I cannot trust someone who is working with me. It drives me crazy and has a huge impact on my work because I feel like I can't be myself around that person and that drains my energy.

What is your greatest strength or weakness?

I think my biggest strength is that I don't give up, even in tough times, I try to move forward, although it sometimes means taking a different path.

Work-life balance: What's the best way to switch off in your free time?

Just being with my two kids... for me that is the best way to relax. Having fun, going on walks, playing with them.

I'm also part of a tech community, the Geek Girls Portugal, which focuses on empowering and bringing together women in technology. So in my free time I organise meetups, workshops and support women in the field through mentorship.

Do you prefer to work from home or be in the office? (and why)

Although I like to go to the office from time to time and be with my colleagues, I prefer to work from home because it makes it easier to balance work and personal life. I can also avoid the traffic, which is something that really gets on my nerves and has caused me to start my workday feeling stressed in the past.

What are your favourite recipes to cook when you work from home?

"Stroganoff" with rice, which is meat with cream sauce and mushrooms. And I also like to cook chicken in different ways.

Burda runs, bikes and jogs. How do you keep fit?

I work out once a week with a personal trainer and I like to go on walks whenever I get the chance.

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