Second Health Lab by Burda


BCN and Hubert Burda Media’s four national media groups – BurdaStyle, BurdaLife, BurdaNews and BurdaHome – came together on Thursday in Munich’s Upside East for the second Health Lab by Burda, an exclusive industry event. Around 140 guests, experts and decision makers from the healthcare industry, the pharmaceuticals industry and healthcare marketing used the event as an innovative platform for information, inspiration and networking.

Dr Traugott Ullrich (managing director, Dr. Schwabe GmbH & Co. KG) commented: “A good event in all respects: Great location, intelligent programme with a wide range of speakers who offered sources of intellectual friction (in a positive sense), consistent moderation, delicious food and a relaxed networking atmosphere.”

Dr Kaske (managing director, Dr. Kaske GmbH & Co. KG) said: “The Burda Health Lab is an absolute must in the calendars of all pharma marketers. Inspiring keynotes, breath-taking location, perfect networking. Exactly what you would expect from a successful event.”

In his opening address and introduction to the Health Lab, Burda Board Member Philipp Welte emphasized the parallels between the fundamental changes facing both industries due to digitalisation. Like the media industry, healthcare is presented with enormous challenges: “We are all seeking strategies for economic success in the 21st century, and technology will be a decisive factor in the fight for the future”, stated Welte.

“The second Health Lab by Burda followed on very successfully from the première event in 2016. The number of participants, experts and decision makers at the Health Lab has doubled compared with last year. This confirms that such an exclusive platform is highly relevant to the future of the healthcare market and our aspiration to take a leading role here as a media and tech company.”

Kay Labinsky, manager BurdaLife and initiator of the event

“The healthcare industry is already one of the top sales drivers and will dominate the advertising market in future, not least due to demographic development. Burda reaches about 53 million consumers in Germany with its media brands and sells around 320 million magazines per year alone. Burda has core journalistic skills, particularly in healthcare, and offers optimal advertising solutions for tailored target groups in the healthcare industry.”

Michael Samak, managing director of BCN and host of the event

“The Burda Health Lab was an extraordinary event in many respects: Fascinating and highly relevant topics that go beyond the limited perspective of day-to-day business and are examined in an extremely provocative manner. One absolute highlight was the ‘intellectual rollercoaster ride’ we were taken on by Gunter Dueck! With its choice of location, the relaxed atmosphere and the culinary highlight (Chakall from the Beef Buddies!), Burda has once again proved itself the perfect host. Thank you for this great event!”

Nils Wolcke, Marketing & Sales Manager for Germany at Schaper & Brümme


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In his introduction, Board Member Philipp Welte emphasised parallels in the fundamental changes that both industries face due to digitalisation

The keynote presentation was held by former IBM chief technologist, mathematician and innovator Gunter Dueck

Robert Pölzer, editor in chief of Bunte, lead through the informative afternoon of the Health Lab

About 140 experts and decision makers from the health care industry came to Health Lab by Burda 2017 - twice as much as at last year's premiere event

Nils Ole Wolcke, head of marketing at Schaper & Brümmer, with Jonas Grashey, managing director BurdaStyle

Sandra Strehl, senior product manager Hevert Arzneimittel with Michael Samak, BCN managing director, and Dorothe Kiefer, managing director BurdaLife

Fabian Kaske, director Dr. Kaske GmbH & Co KG, with Heike Schramm, head of marketing Dermapharm, and Marco Sott, director mediaplan GmbH

Jürgen Kreimeyer, director Medice Arzneimittel, with Natalie Jurewitz, PR manager P&M Cosmetics, and Margit Pratschko, head of medicine at Bunte

Miriam Mack of Europa Park Rust tests the Icaros – a multidimensionally movable simulator, which trains body and mind via Virtual Reality

Moderator and Bunte editor in chief Robert Pölzer (left) with speaker Gunter Dueck

In the private expo area, guests were able to get to know founders and owners of e-health companies and their products - among them Jameda, the leading German online portal for evaluating doctors

Arne Rieper, Klosterfrau head of pharmacy and public health information, at the Kaia Health's booth, learning about the progress of their therapy app against chronic back pain

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