Bambi 2016

Six standing ovations


The Bambi awards have never been so noisy, as 500 fans cheered for the stars on the new red carpet extended for Bambi 2016. Every rise in volume across Potsdamer Platz signalled the arrival of yet another top star. Robbie Williams, Sting, Zara Larsson and German stars such as Matthias Schweighöfer, Florian David Fitz and Felix Jaehn pulled up in their Mercedes Benz limousines every few minutes. Social media stars such as Shirin David, Die Lochis and Bibi also headed to Berlin for the 68th Bambi ceremony, which this year witnessed six particularly moving moments.

From Schweinsteiger to Adorf

The 2016 Bambi ceremony began with a big surprise for Bastian Schweinsteiger as his childhood friend, ski racer Felix Neureuther, gave a speech. Schweinsteiger received the “Special jury award” in honour of his unique sporting career with all its ups and downs. And the German football legend got the Bambi audience on their feet for the first time that evening.

Sting gave a moving tribute – in German – to Udo Lindenberg, who received the Bambi for “German music”. “You have given new meaning to the concept of youth culture. The secret is to stay young at heart”, he said of the 70-year-old. Standing ovation number two for probably German’s biggest musician of the moment.

Saving the elephants

Saba Douglas-Hamilton and Frank Pole pulled the audience to their feet for the third time that evening as they accepted the “Our earth” award for their tireless work with the animal welfare organisation “Save the elephants”.

Yusra and Sarah Mardini’s contribution to the world was also unseen, although totally different: The Syrian sisters were honoured for their courage after they swam beside a refugee boat to keep it afloat, saving 18 lives – two unsung heroes whose story added a particularly poignant touch to the 68th Bambi ceremony.

Awards for Jogi Löw and Mario Adorf

Standing ovation number five went to Jogi Löw, who not only coaches football world champions, but is also a role model for integration. His closely knit national team, whose players have roots in various countries, work together and exemplify team solidarity for millions of people around the world. And this is why the Bambi jury chose Löw for this year’s “Integration” award.

The sixth person to be honoured by the audience was one of Germany’s greatest actors. Mario Adorf has been thrilling German viewers for decades. As his colleague Axel Milberg presented him with the “Lifetime achievement” award, the audience stood up one last time to express their appreciation.


  • Special jury award: Bastian Schweinsteiger (presenter: Felix Neureuther)
  • German actress: Anna Maria Mühe (presenters: Bettina Zimmermann and Kai Wiesinger)
  • German actor: Devid Striesow (presenters: Bettina Zimmermann and Kai Wiesinger)
  • Our earth: “Save the Elephants”: Saba Douglas-Hamilton, Frank Pole (presenter: Judith Rakers)
  • German film: “Er ist wieder da” (presenter: Michael Brandner)
  • Entertainment: Felix Jaehn (speech by Palina Rojinski, presented by Miss Bambi)
  • Comedy: Bülent Ceylan (presenter: Thomas Herrmanns)
  • German music: Udo Lindenberg (presenter: Sting)
  • Integration: Joachim Löw (presenter: Winfried Kretschmann)
  • Television: Florian Silbereisen (presenter: Mareile Höppner)
  • Millennium: Pope Francis (in absentia, presenter: Horst Köhler)
  • Unsung heroes: Yusra and Sarah Mardini (presenter: Anja Reschke)
  • “Our Olympic heroes” people’s choice: Andreas Toba (presenter: Alexander Bommes)
  • Sport: Angelique Kerber (presenter: Kai Pflaume)
  • Lifetime achievement: Mario Adorf (presenter: Axel Milberg)
  • International music: Robbie Williams (presenter: Thomas Gottschalk

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Bastian Schweinsteiger is visibly proud of his award

Winner of the "German actress" Bambi: Anna Maria Mühe

Devid Striesow was awarded with a Bambi in the "German actor" category

The award-winning Comedian Bülent Ceylan held a passionate acceptance speech

DJ Felix Jaehn with his" Entertainment" Bambi

Fabian Busch and leading actor Oliver Masucci accepted the Bambi for "Er ist wieder da" in the "German movie" category

The presenter for Angelique Kerber's award in the category "Sport" was Kai Pflaume

German musician and TV-host Floran Silbereisen received the award in the category "Television"

The "Integration" award went to Joachim Löw (left), head coach of the German soccer team. Music legend Udo Lindenberg received the Bambi in the category "German music".

The Bambi for "Unsung heroes" was bestowed on Syrian sisters Yusra and Sarah Mardini

Entertainer Robbie Williams with his "International music" Bambi

Gymnast Andreas Toba won the people’s choice Bambi “Our Olympic heroes”

Received an "Our earth" Bambi in honour of the “Save the Elephants” project: Saba Douglas-Hamilton and Frank Pole

Actor Mario Adorf was honoured with a Bambi for "Lifetime achievement"

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