Successful premiere in Brussels

At 8.30 sharp, DLD’s managing directors Steffi Czerny and Dominik Wichmann opened the first DLD conference in Brussels together with Burda CEO and DLD chairman Paul-Bernhard Kallen as well as the Bavarian State Minister Beate Merk.

Steffi Czerny welcomed around 300 participants who gathered in the premises of the representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the EU in the middle of Brussels government district. Czerny explained why DLDeurope takes place in Brussels for the very first time: "We are here today to discuss what we can learn from the digital revolution and how we can create a better and safer Europe. Let’s find out and start the dialogue today to get a positive output of the future.” Dominik Wichmann added: "In the last six months we have constantly been asked why we do run a conference in Brussels. If you have a look at the current news you will inevitably notice an ongoing discussion concerning Europe. This shows how important it is to bring our DLD conference to Brussels. "

Burda CEO Paul-Bernhard Kallen emphasized the objectives of DLDeurope: "When establishing a platform in Brussels it’s important to foster in-depth discussions on what’s going on with the digital revolution and what it does mean to all of us. Our intention is to make this the most influential conference in Brussels on digital topics. I consider this conference to be a statement for more integration in Europe.”

These were the top three topics which were discussed at DLDeurope:

1. How digital is Europe?

“Technology is faster than the law”, Linda Griffin (King.com) emphasized in a discussion about Europe’s digital future. She was joined by Denelle Dixon-Thayer (Mozilla) and Marietje Schaake (European Parliament) in this panel. Europe is very important as it provides guidance for other countries like Brazil and India, Griffin stated, and is therefore a role model concerning regulations in the digital sector. Technology plays a key role to set this process in place. Marietje Schaake added: „We have to create a climate in the EU that enables everybody to be successful.“

2. Brexit Contagion?

Which impact has the Brexit on the EU? And how likely is it that other countries will follow? These late-breaking questions have been discussed by Ann-Kristin Achleitner (Technical University Munich), Tristram Hunt (Queen Mary University), Christian Grobe (Funding Circle) and Stephan Shakespeare (YouGov). Tristram Hunt states: Not all voters, who voted for Brexit made their decision based on racist or economic reasons. A second referendum would probably lead to the same outcome. Shakespeare added: “The decision for Brexit referendum on United Kingdom mem-bership of the European Union has been made. We have to concentrate now on how to prevent other European countries from these scenarios. This danger is in fact quite acute. "

3. Digital Update: Guenther Oettinger makes his point

“In Spain and Germany Google has ignored the claims of the publishers. Within the EU, this is not going to happen.” Chatting with Cherno Jobatey, editor of the Huffington Post, Guenther Oettinger, European Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, clearly makes his point on the digital agenda of the EU. While countries had so far failed with their lawsuits on an individual basis against giants like Google, they gain much more power when uniting across geographies within the EU. The planned EU-wide rules concerning copyright would put big digital companies under pressure following Oettinger: Europe is the most attractive market and they would have to obey to the rules of these countries. “We must speed up the way we come to regulations in the digital sector, as it is a fast changing one.

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Dominik Wichmann, managing director of DLD

Burda CEO Paul-Bernhard Kallen and Board Member Andreas Rittstieg at today's DLDeurope in Brussels

Heated debate at DLDeurope: "How contagious could Brexit be?"

Media entrepreneurs, scientists, artists and lateral thinkers: They all discuss trends of the digital future at DLDeurope

Around 30 speakers and 300 guests gathered at DLDeurope in Brussels

Bavarian State Minister Beate Merk and EU commissioner Günther Oettinger

Andreas Rittstieg, Cherno Jobatey, Günther Oettinger, Frank Briegmann, Beate Merk and Steffi Czerny at DLDeurope in Brussels, Belgium

Beate Merk, Bavarian State Minister for European Affairs and International Relations at DLDeurope

Burda CEO Paul-Bernhard Kallen welcomes James Waterworth (CCIA); in the middle Burda's Board Member Andreas Rittstieg

Steffi Czerny spoke with Yossi Vardi about EU-Israel relations

EU commissioner Günther Oettinger

DLD managing director Steffi Czerny and Frank Briegmann, president & CEO Central Europe Universal Music

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