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Team of the month: January

The Corporate Recruiting team also has big plans for 2024, because recruiting new Burda colleagues is currently not easy, but almost as difficult as finding love for life. Here, Team Lead Britta Christ reveals how it's done!

The battle for talent is a real challenge these days. What has been your greatest team success so far? 

Thanks to the large number of activities, we can look back on several successes every year. We organise over 50 recruiting events a year, where we raise awareness of Hubert Burda Media as an attractive employer. We are often able to generate suitable applications directly through these events, such as the recent IT Career Summit in Munich. At many events, we involve the specialist departments in the form of speaker slots and workshops.

A major milestone was the expansion of the team to include the content area. New career news for was designed for authentic and target-group-orientated employer communication, the internal and external marketing of our employer offerings such as workation and sabbaticals was driven forward, and new career-specific social media channels were set up with @burdakarriere on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok

What has been your biggest personal highlight as a team so far?  

It is always a special highlight when specially designed formats such as our online sessions "Pimp my CV" or "Screen to Screen" are very well received by the target group. The same goes for our original university campaigns away from traditional fairs, where we distribute ice cream in midsummer or vegetables among students in autumn, for example. When hundreds of vegetable nets are packed in the office or ice packs are labelled in the canteen's cold store, everyone in the team lends a hand. In addition to other highlights such as team workshops or a joint challenge in the Exit Room, such activities naturally bring people closer together. 

The positive feedback and good cooperation with the specialist departments is also always a highlight for us. 

What characterises Burda as an employer brand and what is the best way to position yourself? 

Burda is characterised as an employer by its diversity, its unique brand portfolio, its entrepreneurial freedom and the enormous solidarity among colleagues. Here you are both in "good company” as well as working for a good company. In terms of design, we therefore use our employer claim "Burda, in good company" in conjunction with our colourful, eye-catching brand patchwork. 

To convey the extraordinary team spirit, we captured it in our video series "Frollegen" (friends + colleagues). It is also important to make the transformation from a publishing house to an innovation-driven media company tangible. This is why we are appearing, for example, as a cooperation partner of the Munich Centre for Digital Sciences and AI at Munich University of Applied Sciences or hackaTUM at the Technical University of Munich. 

Which innovations or trends in the field of employer branding are you currently observing particularly closely as a team? 

The trend is towards shorter attention spans, which means there is even less time to convince the target group. Content must be easy to consume and offer real added value. We have therefore made a change from push messages "We're hiring!" to target group-specific pull messages in the sense of well-founded content marketing based on candidate personas. The most important advertising medium across all channels is moving images, which is why we put a lot of effort into our video productions. 

We also rely on successful cooperation partners and influencers that match the employer brand in order to increase awareness and reach. For example, the campaign with the Black Forest Cossu 2023 was our biggest traffic driver for our career's website. 

At the same time, applicants today are more demanding and more critical of employers. This means that we are focusing a lot of our resources and measures on the topics of "responsibility" and "benefits" and paying attention to sustainable goodies, for example. For even more authenticity, a corporate influencer programme was also launched in collaboration with Corporate Communications. 

Division within the team: who is responsible for which task? 

The team is based in the Corporate Recruiting department under Florentina Malaj. It consists of 6 people: 

Britta Christ (Teamlead HR Marketing & Employer Branding) 

Julia Koch (HR Marketing & Event Manager) 

Nicola Weihretter (HR Marketing & Event Manager) 

Julian Übler (Video Content Producer Employer Branding) 

Maja Rubinstein (Content Manager Employer Branding) 

Stefanie Huber (Content Manager Employer Branding) 

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