Food Blog Award 2016

Unique flavours

Food Blog Award 2016

Unique flavours

Creativity, passion, authenticity. The German-language food blogger scene is innovative, lively, huge and extremely varied. And last weekend, the Food Blog Award 2016 honoured the best of the best. The coveted awards were presented by Connecting Companies and the BurdaHome food brands at a gala in the Grand Hyatt Berlin.

With nine categories in total, the food blogging Oscars are the highlight of a three-day networking event. 450 bloggers took part from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and around 30 nominees were invited to Berlin. This year’s expert jury included TV chefs Ralf Zacherl and Mario Kotaska. The award for the “Best Cookery Blog” went to “Geschmacksmomente” (Moments of Taste) by Karin Stöttinger of Wels, Austria, while Marc Kromer from Berlin took home the “Best Bakery Blog” for “Bake to the roots”. The Special Jury Prize went to Cornelia Glenz from Hamburg, who blogs at “Die See kocht” (The Sea Cooks), and the BurdaHome Special Prize was awarded to Claudia Zaltenbach from Munich for “Dinner um Acht” (Dinner at Eight). This year’s winners can look forward to a fantastic voyage of culinary discovery to Dubai.

The categories and rankings:

Best Cookery Blog:

  1. Karin Stöttinger (Wels/Austria)
  2. Kevin Ilse (Vienna/Austria)
  3. Sascha & Torsten Wett (Cologne/Germany)

Best Bakery Blog:

  1. Marc Kromer (Berlin/Germany) 
  2. Tamara Staab (Frankfurt am Main/Germany) 
  3. Jasmin Krause (Hamburg/Germany)

Best Vegan/Vegetarian Blog:

  1. Nadine Horn (Ulm/Germany)
  2. Lea Green (Berlin/Germany) 
  3. Anna Bauer (Hamburg/Germany)

Best Culinary Travel Blog:

  1. Claudia Zaltenbach (Munich/Germany)
  2. Petra Gschwendtner (Vienna/Austria)
  3. Kristina Erlich (Rödermark/Germany)

Best Foodtuber:

  1. Felicitas Then (Berlin/Germany)
  2. Franziska Ludwig (Nahetal-Waldau/Germany)
  3. Katja Mican (Vienna/Austria)  

Best International Blog:

  1. Benjamin Donath (Berlin/Germany)
  2. Évi Oravecz (Hamburg/Germany)
  3. Ursula Schersch (Micheldorf/Austria)

Best Sustainability Blog:

  1. Eva Schwaighofer (Anif/Austria)
  2. Kathrin Hiepen (Viersen/Germany)
  3. Eva-Maria Hoffleit (Fellbach/Germany)

Best Newcomer Blog:

  1. Fabienne Engel (Nauheim/Germany)
  2. Chiara Cigliutti (Hamburg/Germany)
  3. Saskia van Deelen (Hamburg/Germany)

Best Food Picture:

  1. Sabrina Speck (Nuremberg/Germany)
  2. Cornelia Wagner (Hamburg/Germany)
  3. Annamaria Zinnau (Hamburg/Germany)

Special Jury Prize: Cornelia Glenz (Hamburg/Germany)

BurdaHome Special Prize: Claudia Zaltenbach (Munich/Germany)


More images & downloads

Please click “Download” for the press release (German)

Franz Bauer (Connecting Companies) and Karin Stöttinger, winner of the "Best Cookery Blog”

Franz Bauer (Connecting Companies) and Claudia Zaltenbach, winner of the “Best Culinary Travel Blog” and the BurdaHome Special Prize

Franz Bauer (Connecting Companies) and Nadine Horn & Jörg Mayer, winners of the “Best Vegan/Vegetarian Blog”

Franz Bauer (Connecting Companies) and Felicitas Then, named “Best Foodtuber”, and presenter Marwa Eldessouky (right)

From left to right: Franz Bauer (Connecting Companies), Marc Kromer, winner of the “Best Bakery Blog”, presenter Marwa Eldessouky and laudator Jutta Kässinger (editor-in-chief of Sweet Dreams)

Franz Bauer (Connecting Companies) and Sabrina Speck, winner of the “Best Food Picture”

Franz Bauer (Connecting Companies) and Fabienne Engel, winner of the "Best Newcomer Blog”

From left to right: Presenter Marwa Eldessouky with Cornelia Glenz, winner of the Special Jury Prize and TV chef Ralf Zacherl, laudator

Foodies and connoisseurs: All the winners and runners-up at the Food Blog Awards 2016

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