Bambi 2023

Welcome back, BAMBI!

Save the date: BAMBI Is back! Germany´s most glamorous event returns and once again it´s time for an evening of star power, glamour, moving moments and genuine emotions. Be one of the fans and celebrate together with 800 invited guests. Cheer in front of the TV with crisps and prosecco – the main thing is to be there… 

On 16 November, Bambi's 75th birthday, the red carpet will be rolled out again after a four-year break due to corona and crises. The event celebrates acting stars, musical talents, sport icons, political celebrities, influencers, and personalities and is the event for the best red carpet looks: For glamorous and daring evening gowns, breathtaking high heels, and elegant dinner jackets. This is where you experience those unique moments that make television history and where you meet the film divas and superstars of tomorrow. When Germany's most important media award is presented in twelve categories live from the Bavaria Film Studios on 16 November 2023 at 8.15 pm on Sat.1, one category will certainly be firmly in female hands: 

There is the award that the public can give and is the one awarded to one of four young German artists - known mainly to Generation Z. This category celebrates cool, loud, confident, ambitious artists who are not afraid to play with clichés and speak a clear language. They are the voice of a new generation. 

The Hamburg singer, rapper, and songwriter Nina Chuba, 24, is one of Germany's most important pop artists and landed a number one single hit with "Wildberry Lillet". It went triple gold in Germany with 200 million streams. In February 2023, she released her first studio album, "Glas", which went straight to number 1 in the album charts. 

Rapper Badmómzjay, 21, is one of the most exciting newcomers on the German rap scene. Her album Badmómz made it to number seven in the German charts and she was the first female rapper make it onto the cover of German Vogue wearing a bright red dress, to match her bright red hair.  

R'n'B pop superstar Ayliva, 25, performed in German arenas as support act for Alicia Keys in 2022 and released her debut album "Weißes Herz" in the same year. This reached number 6 in the German album charts. Her second studio album “Schwarzes Herz” had an impressive 40 million streams in one week.  
The Bavarian pop singer and songwriter Leony, 26, won the RTL casting show “Rising Star”, producing catchy pop hits such as “Paradise”, “Faded Love” and “Remedy” and became a DSDS juror in 2023. The chart-topper from Cham has also released an album, “Somewhere in Between”. 

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Bambi Forever  

BAMBI is not only a reflection of trends, but it is also a piece of history. For decades - 75 years to be exact - the gold-plated BAMBI trophy has been awarded to people of all ages who have achieved outstanding success and achievement. People who have played their part in making our world a better place. Those with vision and creativity from all walks of life who inspire others with their commitment. 

Today, BAMBI is regarded as one of the most important national media events - and the golden deer is a media star in its own right: the last BAMBI, in 2019, achieved a reach of around 7 billion gross contacts. 

The award was created in 1948, originally as a film prize for a closed society. The readers of "Film Revue" voted for their favourite screen star. The first winner was acting star Marika Rökk, whose daughter lent her name to the cute fawn (then made of white porcelain). On 27 December 1953, the first public BAMBI award ceremony was held in Hamburg. Since then, the event has been a stage for national and international superstars for an incredible 75 years.  

Celebrating Stars 

In the 1950s, Kirk Douglas presented his "Spartacus" colleague Tony Curtis with the Bambi in Hollywood. Film-Revue had a short film made about this ceremony, which preceded the BAMBI award ceremony in Karlsruhe on 15 March 1959.  

In the 60s, acting legend Elizabeth Taylor was honoured with a golden deer. On 19 January 1968, she, and her – not-so-sober - husband Richard Burton arrived 37 minutes late for the award ceremony at the ZDF television studio in Unterföhring, Munich. 

In the 70s, BAMBI travelled abroad for the first time. More precisely, in a principality. On 11 February 1971, the awards ceremony took place in Monte Carlo, Monaco in the Palais de Congrès. Princess Gracia Patrizia was the guest of honour at the glamorous media event. And she immediately took Senator Franz Burda into her heart: "He reminds me so much of my father ... because of his kind charisma."  

In the 80s, almost all the "Dallas" stars with their famous hair styles were honoured, as were legends such as Sean Connery, Paul McCartney, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Steffi Graf and Boris Becker. And for the first time, the award ceremony was held in Offenburg, Burda's birthplace. One of the highlights was the special BAMBI train, which travelled from Munich to the Oberrheinhalle on 10 December 1987, where film stars such as Alain Delon, Peter Alexander, Johannes Heesters and Gina Lollobridgida were honoured with a BAMBI.   

In the 90s, BAMBI was awarded as a symbol of the reunification of West and East Germany. It was awarded on 27 November 1990 at the Leipzig Opera House. David Hasselhoff, who sang "Looking for Freedom" at the Berlin Wall on New Year's Eve 1989/1990 in front of hundreds of thousands of people, was honoured with a BAMBI for his anthem of unity. On 12 December 1991, actress Audrey Hepburn was honoured in Wiesbaden in the "Charity" category for her UNICEF commitment. In 1997, Harrison Ford won in the "Film International" category and the boy band `N SYNC in the "Pop International" category. 1997 was a year dominated by music: The Bee Gees won a BAMBI, as did the Spice Girls, Eros Ramazotti and Andrea Bocelli. His song "Time to say Goodbye" was the touching farewell anthem for BAMBI winner Henry Maske when he ended his career as a boxer. 

In the 2000s, many US stars came to BAMBI: on 8 December 2000, the award was presented in Berlin to Hollywood celebrities such as Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, and Jennifer Lopez. In 2002, the audience celebrated the King of Pop Michael Jackson, who campaigned for world peace after 11 September, and in 2003, boxing icon Muhammad Ali, who was suffering from Parkinson's disease. There were BAMBI moments that brought tears to the eyes of many. And there have also been dramatic moments: in 2004, award winner Tom Hanks fell to his knees in front of his laudator Sophia Loren calling her "my goddess" several times. In 2004, award winner Kate Winslet got down on her knees in front of her laudator Bruno Ganz. And things also got political: in 2011, there were standing ovations for the acceptance speech by Millennium Prize winner Helmut Schmidt, in which he implored people in Europe to behave responsibly towards each other. In 2016, the Millennium BAMBI was presented to Pope Francis - in the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican! In 2019, Queen Mathilde of Belgium, who is very much committed to children and women's rights, was honoured with the Charity BAMBI. And in the "Courage" category, Nobel Prize winner and UN Special Envoy Nadia Murad, who was a victim of IS terror in 2014, was honoured. 

BAMBI gives a stage to those with a vision. Honouring heroes great and small for their commitment and dedication. Creating happiness and giving hope. Honouring the best in culture, society, politics, and sport equally - shooting stars and legends alike. 

BAMBI has been a legendary German media brand for 75 years! A glamorous awards show, and a coveted award. Simply the best!

You can find all the touching Bambi moments here:

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Four great voices of our time: Leony, Nina Chuba, Badmómzjay, Ayliva. One of them receives a Bambi © Ulrich Hartmann, David Daub, Dennis Hardt, Marwan Elomami

1959: Kirk Douglas presents his "Spartacus" colleague Tony Curtis with the Bambi in Hollywood © Hubert Burda Media

1968: Acting legend Elizabeth Taylor was honoured with a golden deer, as was husband Richard Burton © Hubert Burda Media

1971: The award ceremony took place in Monte Carlo, Monaco at the Palais de Congrès © Hubert Burda Media

1971: Princess Gracia Patricia was guest of honour at the awards ceremony in Monaco © Hubert Burda Media

1983: Dietlinde Turban, Larry Hagman, Thomas Gottschalk, Johannes Gross and Heinz Sielmann at the Bambi Awards © Hubert Burda Media

1985: Boris Becker was a golden boy with a golden shirt © Hubert Burda Media

1987: Alain Delon posed proudly with his Bambi © Hubert Burda Media

1991: Actress Audrey Hepburn was honoured in Wiesbaden in the "Charity" category for her UNICEF commitment © Hubert Burda Media

1997: Live on stage at the Bambi: the Bee Gees © Hubert Burda Media

2000: Sandra Bullock with Uwe Ochsenknecht © Hubert Burda Media

2002: The audience celebrated King of Pop Michael Jackson, who campaigned for world peace after 11 September © Hubert Burda Media

2004: Award winner Tom Hanks fell to his knees in front of his laudator Sophia Loren and called her "my goddess" several times © Hubert Burda Media

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