Agile Coach at Kununu

What do you do as an agile coach?

Our publisher's favourite question: What are you working on at the moment?

I am an Agile Coach at Kununu and work closely with two development teams. I also support other departments with their projects, such as the CRM team and the CS team, and drive topics around company culture and employee wellbeing.

When did you join Kununu and what exactly did you do before that?

I've been with the team for over three years. Before that, I worked as an agile coach in project and customer management for seven years and I also spent a few years as a social worker in various social problem areas. Although I then went back to university to do a degree in computer engineering, I decided not to become a developer. That would have been the usual path. The reason for the decision was that I am really interested in people and working with them and want to help them overcome their challenges. As an Agile Coach, I have the opportunity to combine my previous experience with a role in the technical field. I can help teams and individuals improve their performance and overcome challenges by fostering communication and collaboration within an organisation.

What fascinates you about your job?

The opportunity to help the company grow by strengthening collaboration and communication between all departments. Another point is being able to help people focus on what is really important for their development.

Do you use AI in your work and if so, how?

Who doesn't? I think we've all used ChatGPT at some point. I've used it to summarise topics and to help gather ideas for a team presentation and plan meetings.

Be honest: What really drives you up the wall at work?

When I realise that I can't trust someone I'm working with. That drives me crazy and has a huge impact on my work. Because it makes me feel like I can't be myself around that person - it drains my energy.

What is your greatest strength?

My greatest strength is probably that I never give up. Even in difficult times, I try to keep going, even if that means having to take a new path.

Do you prefer working from home or in the office? (and why)

I like going into the office from time to time to socialise with my colleagues, but I prefer to work from home. This makes it easier to combine work and private life. I can also avoid the traffic. It really gets on my nerves and in the past I've often started the working day stressed out because of it.

When you cook from home, what are your favourite recipes?

"Boeuf Stroganoff with rice: it's meat with a cream sauce and mushrooms. And I also like to cook chicken in different ways.

Burda runs, cycles and jogs. How do you keep fit?

I work out once a week with a personal trainer and I like to go for walks. I do that whenever I have the opportunity.

Speaking of work-life balance: what's the best way to switch off mentally in your free time?

By simply being with my two children. That's the best way to switch off: Having fun together, going for walks, playing with them. I'm also a member of a tech community, the "Geek Girls Portugal". Their aim is to empower women in the tech industry and bring them together. In my spare time, I organise meetings, workshops and support some women in this field through mentoring.

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