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Workation in Spain - our number one travel destination

The workation wave has hit the Burdaverse again. Having already presented our workation tips for Italy, this time it's off to Spain! Our colleagues Mirjam Schwarz and Monika Popp from C3 share their workation experiences on the sunny Iberian Peninsula with you and give you tips and inspiration.

Spain: The workation traveller's dream destination

With 26 countries on our travel list, the choice was not easy. But Spain is the clear winner - almost a third of all workation goers were drawn to the land of sun and tapas. Mirjam spent six days in Port de Pollenca on Mallorca in November and enthuses: "It's still nice and warm in Spain at the beginning of November, and we're close to the sea. The favourable and quick accessibility is of course a big advantage." Monika chose Deyà in the north-west of Mallorca and worked there at the end of September, in a cosy co-working house.

Three tips for your next workation

Tip no. 1: The perfect combination

For an all-round perfect workation, the C3 employees recommend combining the workation with a few days off or a holiday.
"If possible, add a weekend to your holiday. In Mallorca, the sun sets at half past four in winter, so you can't do much on weekdays," Mirjam recommends to those who are also considering travelling to Mallorca in the colder months. Monika would plan her next workation a little differently: "Next time I'll add a week's holiday. It was a relatively long journey there and back, which would be more worthwhile for a fortnight."

Tip no. 2: The perfect collaboration

Is your travel partner also on a workation? Good coordination and planning are the be-all and end-all here. Try to start your working day at the same time and take a lunch break together.
Plan your activities in advance. During a workation, you have less free time than on holiday to spontaneously plan your program. If you decide on your must-sees and must-dos before you arrive, you can make the most of your evenings and weekends.

Tip no. 3: The perfect working comfort

Pay attention to the check-out times of your accommodation. Your flight doesn't leave until the evening, but you have to leave the flat at 11 a.m.? Then it makes sense to book an extra night so that you can make the most of the working day until your flight departs. Alternatively, you can book into a co-working space - but this should also be researched and planned in advance.

Working at a holiday destination - reality check

New place of work, new surroundings and lots of exciting activities on the agenda. How do our Workation goers deal with the changeover and how does it affect productivity? 
"It's important to remember that, in addition to the regular workload, there is an additional workload when everyone has to settle into the new environment and get used to a different daily and weekly routine. From personal experience, I can say that this takes a little more time than in the usual daily routine," reports Mirjam. However, as it is usually only a few days, exciting excursions, going out in the evenings and lots of new impressions make up for the change.
Monika quickly got used to the new environment: "I was able to work well there. Personally, the warm and sunny weather motivated me rather than distracting me. Starting the day with yoga at seven o'clock on the beach was of course fantastic. And the location was great too. The Wi-Fi was sometimes even better than at my workplace in Germany."

When will you go?

The best time for workation is now! If you start planning today, you could be working from a different part of Europe as early as next month. Insider tip: Would you also like to co-work with a friend or partner? Click here for Monika's co-working location on Mallorca.
¡Viva la Workation en España!

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