Successful prevention

Successful prevention

Based in Munich, the Felix Burda Foundation was set up in 2001 by Christa Maar and publisher Hubert Burda in the name of their son, who died of colorectal cancer in 2001.

In the long-term, the Felix Burda Foundation aims to continue its work to drastically reduce the number of Germans who die of colorectal cancer each year – and communication is its top priority. Through nationwide advertising campaigns supported by all major German media companies, the foundation maximises awareness of colorectal cancer, provides the public with clear information and encourages people to take precautions against colorectal cancer.

Projects include the annual nationwide colorectal cancer month (March) and the Felix Burda Award, which honours people and companies for their outstanding commitment to preventing the disease. Europe’s largest model colon tours Germany and other countries, and by launching workplace-based colorectal cancer checks, the foundation has succeeded in reaching millions of employees.

The Felix Burda Foundation is also involved in politics, working specifically to develop strategies that will counteract the shortcomings of the existing colorectal cancer prevention program. In particular, it looks for ways to increase the number of people attending check-ups and to prevent the disease from developing in people with a family history.

The foundation’s greatest successes include the introduction of statutory colonoscopy screenings by health insurance funds in 2002 and the German law on early cancer diagnosis and registration (KFRG) in April 2013. Around 25,400 people in Germany die of colorectal cancer each year, and around 61,000 new diagnoses are made annually. Around 30% of people who contract colorectal cancer have a hereditary – and therefore higher – risk.

Colorectal cancer is not inevitable – it is the only form of cancer that can be completely prevented with the necessary precautions or cured if detected at a sufficiently early stage. Preventative measures offer greater chances of survival than with any other form of cancer!

The role of the Felix Burda Foundation

The Felix Burda Foundation acts as a link between multipliers, doctors, the public, businesses and politics, bringing together the most important players in preventing colorectal cancer. With an effective public presence, a strong network and personal commitment, it strives to make cancer prevention an integral part of the public consciousness.

The vision

“We want people in Germany to stay healthy. We see ourselves as providing independent, capable support for the public, explaining colorectal cancer prevention and providing information that they can understand. However, we are also the clever rebels who speak with all areas of the healthcare system to create equal opportunities for all. Our goal is to make colorectal cancer prevention an integral part of the public consciousness so that everyone can make their own decision on whether to go for a check-up.”

Providing assistance

Some patients are no longer able to work, which can be a serious blow to both the patient and their family. Being diagnosed with colorectal cancer can lead not only to serious illness, but also to great financial difficulties!

Thanks to the dedication of the Felix Burda Foundation…

… statutory colonoscopy screenings are offered to all those with health insurance aged 55 and over.
… the German law on early cancer diagnosis and registration was passed. This ensures that all people with health insurance aged 50 and over will be personally invited for preventative screenings.
… there is a lobby in Germany for the around four million people with an increased hereditary risk of colorectal cancer. Although they contract the disease earlier, they currently have no legal right to funded preventative screenings at a younger age.

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